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Ararat Mid-East Fusion believes that sitting down to eat is not just about sustenance, it’s about celebration. A lovingly prepared meal is an invitation for family and friends to rejoice in each other, to share stories, laughter, music, dance, and of course, excellent food. In that spirit, Ararat serves a variety of authentic and fusion inspired, Turkish, Greek, Kurdish, Persian, Arabic, Indian and Southwest dishes. Prepared with the very freshest, locally sourced ingredients, the Ararat chefs strive to make these centuries old traditions and signature twists shine through in every bite.

The Ararat Experience begins with a first course selection of one of several Mezzes (appetizers), which are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palette. This is followed by the main course and an abundance of sides. A difficult decision- will it be the succulent Slow Roasted Lamb, the marinated Grilled Chicken, the vegan Coconut Chole, or one of the other many deliciously seasoned dishes? The meal is completed with one of our many delightful, sweet, homemade pastries for dessert. A traditional Walnut Pomegranate Baklava, Ararat’s Signature Choclava or Stuffed Apricots is sure to compliment and satisfy.

But the food is just part of your enjoyment, Ararat also offers unique Eastern Inspired Local Entertainment, including Belly Dancers, Hula Hoopers, Live Music, Intuitive Readings, Visual Arts, and Fire Dancing Performances.

So come and celebrate life and Austin with us! Invite your table full of friends and family to enjoy our extraordinary cuisine, unique entertainment, and authentic Austin Atmosphere.

At our location or yours, The Ararat experience is truly a Feast for the Senses.


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We are so excited for the opportunity to be included in life’s celebrations, both big and small or even just part of your daily routine.

Everything that leaves our little window to the world is mama-made and is served with love.


From our heart to our hands……..

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