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For the next few weeks we will bring you casseroles, hummus, soups, pastries, cookies and all kinds of snacks! 
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Ararat first opened its doors in 1994, as Ararat Restaurant in a small neighborhood just north of Hyde Park. The previous owners were interested in offering Austin a unique dining experience with an eclectic family atmosphere.

In 2003 the ownership was passed down to longtime waitress, Kelly Abshire, who continued to enhance the Ararat experience with new entertainment and menu concepts. Word of mouth advertising made Ararat Austin’s best kept secret for many years. But with exquisite food and amazing entertainment the word was soon out and Ararat was on top of Austin’s best restaurants lists, winning several awards and featured specials.

In 2007, after losing the lease on North Loop Blvd., The Ararat Pack took Ararat on the road in true Gypsy fashion. Expanding the catering and event offerings by bringing the full Ararat Experience to the community. Catering Weddings, Office Parties, Birthdays, Romantic Dinners for 2, Holiday Parties, & Family Gatherings.

Ararat eventually found a permanent home in East Austin in 2010 inside Hot Mama’s Cafe. Hot Mama’s was a beloved coffee shop created specifically to empower working Mama’s to expand and work towards a wide variety of dreams while earning income in a fun way. Hot Mama’s created a loving community with other like minded mamas and papas of all walks of life serving a unique beverage menu and Ararat inspired; Sandwiches, Salads and Pastries. As East Austin continued to grow and change, the construction climate of the Eastside could no longer support the cafe and Hot Mama’s sadly closed its doors, after 12 years of service, in 2017. Ararat’s food however was still in high demand and has continued through catering and hosting both private and community events in the lovely outdoor courtyard on East 6th.

Ararat has also found new clientele within offices through catered lunches and holiday parties all over Austin.

Embarking on yet another exciting journey… 
Ararat is proud to now offer a new concept to keep up with an ever changing and growing Austin. 

The Ararat toGo food & coffee window is now serving a wide variety of artisanal Craft Coffee Cocktails! Featuring hand shaken, mama-made syrups and sauces using locally roasted specialty coffee as well as signature bubble teas. Delicious drinks to complement Ararat’s one of a kind savory breakfast pastries, mama-made muffins and cookies, and daily soups. 



We are so excited for the opportunity to be included in life’s celebrations, both big and small or even just part of your daily routine.

Everything that leaves our little window to the world is mama-made and is served with love.

From our heart to your hands……..

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